Erasmus Life in Hungary

Our Erasmus Life started on 10th of February 2010. We arrived in Miskolc by car after seven hours. We didn’t had any problems finding the hotel and we finished with the accommodation paperwork in a short time.

Miskolc is the 3rd biggest city in Hungary after Budapest and Debrecen.
Here are some pictures with downtown : poza_1_miskolc_centrum.JPGpoza_4_miskolc_centrum_3.JPG

The hotel’s name is Uni -Hotel and it’s not hard to find because it is the biggest in all the campus with a lot of facilities like internet, a shopping center, clinic, gym, ATM and near to the hotel there was a swimming pool and a footbal stadium.
The rooms were big, with 2 beds, 1 kitchen and bath.

At Unihotel - below


poza_7_camera_unihotel_2.jpgWe had colleagues from Poland, Turkey, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Finland and from Bulgaria.

wasn’t in the pic because I was behind the camera :-) poza_8_colegi.JPG

In our 4 months we have been traveling independent or organized in : Eger, Budapest, Tokaj wine region and closer to Uni hotel .to Tapolca and lilafured.

-- a crame in tokaj region, poza_10_tokaj_region.JPG
Tapolca is a the cave bath where we can swim splash, play and walk around in a large cave system, which has water temperatures from 20-36 Celsius (thermal water), and has warm, wet air inside even in the winter, exactly what we needed.

--poza_11_tapolca.JPG inside the tapolca bath--

We chose around 15 classes at the beginning including Hungarian, that they told us is mandatory, but because the lack of Hungarian students in some classes we had to choose something else, other classes from other faculties .like arts and law, and finally we remained with only 12 classes.
The classes were Only in English with Hungarian, Dutch and British teachers.
Our classes started at 9 am and each lasted one and a half hours with no “szunet” (break).

The University included faculties of Mining, engineering, economics, law, arts, music, etc with a number of more than 40.000 students. (I forgot to mention that the campus was huge, it took more than half an hour walking from one side to an another. ).
-- University main entrance


In the end I wana say that ERAMUS is something what is hard to describe in words. It’s about friendship, discovering different cultures, study, trips and a lot of fun. It’s so much to talk about Erasmus I just can’t put in words the feeling of being an Erasmus student. I enjoyed every minute of those four months there.